Lexus Summer Maintenance Care

Published 9 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Is your Lexus ready for summertime road trips?

Is your Lexus ready for summertime road trips?
Photo Credit: Wendell

Summer is in full swing and long distance road trips to the beach or grandma’s are in effect. Aside from making sure your Lexus A/C system is in proper working order, there are a few other things that shouldn’t be overlooked in your Lexus during the summer season.

Tire Pressure: Over inflated tires make less contact with the ground and can cause hydroplaning in soggy conditions. Under inflated tires can bulge and blow out when the temps rise and reduce fuel economy. You’ll want to make sure the tires in your Lexus have the correct pressure to avoid any problems. Don’t forget to check the spare!

Brakes: With all that stop-and-go summer traffic, be sure to have your brakes working properly, and have them checked before you head out on the road. If you notice any unusual sounds, experience grabbing or your pedal is soft or hard and resistant, get this looked at pronto!

Battery: The hot temps can be detrimental to the battery in your Lexus. By keeping the battery terminal components clean you can avoid any performance problems.

Hoses/Belts: Hose cracks and belt snaps can leave you on the side of the road. Avoid this by having hoses and belts inspected for cracks, bulges, frays and excessive wear.

Fluids: Oil, coolant, windshield washer, power-steering, brake, transmission, etc…should be checked and made sure they are the appropriate color and at the correct level.

Filters: Replace filters (air, cabin air, fuel, etc.) to help your engine perform its best and reduce poor fuel economy. Also breathe easier on those long summer road trips.

Wipers: For those random afternoon downpours you’ll want wiper blades that do the job to cut through all that rain so you can see. If you haven’t replaced them since winter, now is the time to do so, as they may have developed cracks and tears during the cold months.

Don’t be stranded in the heat this summer, have your Lexus inspected by a qualified Lexus mechanic.

Don’t be stranded on the road in the heat this summer, have your Lexus inspected and serviced by a qualified Lexus mechanic. If you don’t have an expert Lexus specialist, find one in your area today!