Lexus A/C System Maintenance: Keep Your Cool This Summer

Published 8 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Lexus A/C System Maintenance: Keep Your Cool This Summer

A/C on full blast!
Photo Credit: Lisa M. Federico & Jenna (the) Jetta

As Glenn Frey would sing, “The Heat is On,” temperature-wise, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The blazing summer temps can become dangerous to (you and) your Lexus, so keeping cool and the air conditioner in check is a necessity.

If you feel your A/C isn’t up to par, have it checked before it’s too late and it shuts down, leaving you in a pile of sweat.

To be in the know, when you take your luxury Lexus to the shop, here are some basic things your Lexus technician will inspect to keep the A/C functioning at optimum performance.

Evaporator, condenser & compressor: These A/C system components are prone to wear and tear over time. Protect them by regular servicing from a qualified Lexus mechanic.

Hoses, valves & pumps: All 3 of these should be properly lubricated. Your trusted Lexus service center can do this for you.

Refrigerant level: Checked and added or replaced. If your A/C is super cool, then your refrigerant level is fine…if it’s not, then you may have a leak. Have a Lexus repair facility check this out for you.

Radiator: The air flow around the radiator should be inspected, as well as the radiator cap, for cracks.

Noises: Sounds of squealing may be a belt and buzzing may be an overcharged system. Knocking/clicking can be a sign of loose bolts. Any reputable Lexus service shop will be able to correctly identify what the problem is by the sound, and fix it.

In addition, your Lexus mechanic will visually examine to see if any other A/C system parts are broken or missing, as well as check the temperature, filter and test the pressure.

Your local Lexus repair expert can diagnose and repair the A/C unit in your Lexus. Find one in your area today!