What is ASE? Why Should I Choose ASE Certified Technicians for Lexus Repair?

Published 6 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Take your Lexus to a shop with ASE certified technicians for the best Lexus repair possible.

Take your Lexus to a shop with ASE certified technicians for the best Lexus repair possible.
Photo Credit: Lisa M. Federico

You see it on the door, windows and signs of your local Lexus repair shop, but what does “ASE certified” actually mean?

ASE is an acronym for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and is a national standard of technician competence. This non-profit organization has been around since 1972 and promotes excellence in automotive repair, service and the distribution of parts. It strives to improve the quality of automotive repair by testing and certifying professionals in the automotive industry.

ASE was designed to protect the customer, as well as the shop owner and the automotive technician. Through tests and certifications, shop owners and automotive customers can identify the level of expertise and technical knowledge each technician has.

Choosing ASE Certified Technicians for Lexus Repair

The surest guarantee of getting the best Lexus repair work done is with highly trained technicians. If at least one technician at a particular automobile repair shop is ASE certified, the ASE sign is permitted for display at that repair shop.

Choosing a Lexus service center with ASE certified technicians ensures that skilled, professional technicians will be working on your vehicle and are able to repair the internal and external problems your vehicle may be experiencing.

With the continuously changing state of technology, each professional must retest every five years, to remain ASE certified. This means that ASE certified technicians are always updated on the current changes within the automobile repair industry, allowing them to serve your vehicle better.

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