Prepping Your Lexus for the Fall Season

Published 6 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Early autumn in North Atlanta. Is your Lexus ready for the fall road conditions?

Early autumn in North Atlanta. Is your Lexus ready for the fall road conditions?
Photo Credit: Lisa M. Federico

Whether you’re driving to the big game tailgating party down the street or to granny’s house out in the country, make sure your Lexus is ready for the road conditions of autumn. Sip that pumpkin spice flavored tea, sit back and brush up on these helpful tips on how to prepare your Lexus for the fall season.

Tires: For proper braking on wet and slick streets, your tires must have the appropriate grip and tread to do so. Take your vehicle to your local Lexus service center and have your tires properly inflated, as well as the treads inspected.

Brakes: Wet roads and fallen debris from trees can make braking more difficult in the autumn months. A brake inspection by your independent Lexus mechanic can find any abnormalities in the brake pads, rotors, shoes and hydraulics.

Lights: With shorter days and longer nights, it’s imperative that the lights in your Lexus are functioning properly. Your local Lexus repair technician can inspect all lights, including: headlights, parking lights, taillights, stop lights, fog lights and emergency lights.

Battery: Have a qualified Lexus repair shop test your battery to make sure it has enough charge, and is free from corrosion, dirt and grime.

Defroster: Foggy days and nights are ahead, make sure your defrosters are working properly so they don’t limit visibility when driving. Your specialized Lexus technician can examine the vents and electrical wiring.

Windshield Wiper Blades: Wipers will be in full swing during the fall months with rainy and windy days blowing leaves around. Be sure your blades aren’t worn down from the heat of the summer months. Replace if so, and check washer fluid; top off if necessary.

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