Keeping Your Lexus in the BEST Shape to Last Longer

Published 6 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Keep your Lexus in shape!

Keep your Lexus in shape!
Photo Credit: Garen M.

Your prized possession or perhaps just an old jalopy to get you from point A to point B, no matter what you call it, your Lexus vehicle helps you go about your daily life. It takes a lot of wear and tear dropping the kids off at school, running errands and taking vacation trips. It’s important to keep your Lexus in the best shape possible to ensure you won’t be stuck on the side of the road, or missing out on life events. Here are some tips to help your vehicle stay in tip-top condition.

Regular, Routine Maintenance: To protect your vehicle’s longevity and allow it to function at optimum performance, regular scheduled maintenance is key. From fluids, to belts/hoses, and to tires, have your independent Lexus repair technician take a look under the hood at your specific model and year, and come up with a plan of what to do now and what to do later before any long-term damage may occur.

Pay Attention To Warning Signs: Be aware of any warning signs that may pop up or flash on the illuminated dashboard of your Lexus. These signs mean that trouble may occur in the near future. Also be aware of any strange smells or unusual sounds, as they can be indications of serious vehicle problems. It is best to take to your nearest Lexus service center so a qualified Lexus# mechanic can take a look and diagnose the proper course of action.

Tidy Up The Exterior: By keeping your Lexus clean and tidy through regular washes and waxes, it helps to eliminate the buildup of dirt and the formation of rust to protect the finish of your vehicle. For visible, safe driving, keep all windows clean and free from debris, and replace windshield wiper blades/refill solvent.

Start-Up/Drive Easy: Don’t fire up your vehicle and immediately floor it. Chill. Keep your RPM down on start-up of a cold engine, as it only takes a few seconds for oil to lubricate the engine and moving parts. When ready to drive, and to protect against wear and tear, take it easy the first few miles until the engine gets warmed up to normal operating temperature.

Your trusted Lexus mechanic can tell you more about how to keep your Lexus in the best shape possible. If you don’t have an expert Lexus specialist, find one in your area today!