Is Your Lexus Ready for Autumn?

Published 8 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Is your vehicle ready for Autumn driving?

Is your vehicle ready for Autumn driving?
Photo Credit: daveynin

It’s after Labor Day, school is in session and your weekends are comprised of football games (at least mine is anyway). Traffic is abound and Autumn is here. The road conditions have changed, as have driving habits, be prepared and plan ahead. Prepare your Lexus for the crisper Autumn months with these helpful tips.

Lights: The days are getting shorter and the nights longer, so for visibility and safety reasons, make sure your lights are properly working. You can walk around your vehicle to check, but also have your local Lexus repair specialist check your headlights, taillights, parking lights, stop lights, fog lights and emergency lights.

Brakes: Braking can become more difficult in the Autumn months due to wet roadways and fallen leaves on the streets. Be sure to have your brakes checked by an expert Lexus repair shop. Check brake fluid as well!

Tires: Tires need to have tread to grip and stop on slick roads in Autumn. Have your independent Lexus technician inspect the treads to make sure they aren’t worn and provide enough grip on wet roads. Also make sure they are properly inflated. And don’t forget to check the spare tire too!

Battery: Have your battery tested by a qualified Lexus service center to make sure you have enough charge and that it’s functioning properly. While you’re at it, have them check the cables for cracks, corrosion, dirt and grime, and the battery fluid.

Wiper Blades: Most of us don’t change the blades in our vehicles as often as we should, but Autumn is an excellent time to do so with rainy days ahead and leaves and debris falling from trees. Have your Lexus mechanic examine blades to make sure they haven’t worn down, which is likely from the heat of summer. Also be sure to add or top-off washer fluid.

Defroster: Fogged windows are a safety hazard because they limit visibility while driving. Make sure all defrosters are operating properly by having a qualified Lexus specialist examine the vents and electrical wiring.

Engine Coolant (Antifreeze): Make sure it’s at the right ratio level for your Lexus. Your local independent Lexus service specialist can help you with this.

Your trusted Lexus mechanic can help you “Autumn-ize” your vehicle. If you don’t have an expert Lexus specialist, find one in your area today!