Halloween Safe Lexus Driving

Published 8 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Halloween Safe Driving

Halloween Safe Driving
Photo Credit: Casey Fleser

In just a few short days Halloween will be upon us, which means trick-or-treaters will be out in full force on the roads and streets in which you drive upon.

Make sure your Lexus is operating properly—from the lights, brakes, wipers and tires—to keep everyone safe in and out of the vehicle. Here are some key check reminders:

Lights: Visibility is vital when driving on Halloween night (and any night for that matter). Be sure to have all the lights inspected before you step into your Lexus, and this includes making sure all turn signals work properly too. Many Halloween costumes are dark in color, and can be hard to see without properly working lights.

Brakes: For safety on the spooky streets, keep your brakes in top condition by having routine Lexus brake service. Regular wear and tear can hinder their performance. Any unusual sounds, grabbing or hard/soft pedal resistance is a sign you need to get into your Lexus repair shop.

Wipers: Help with visibility in seeing little ghosts and goblins travel from door-to-door in the neighborhood. Fallen tree debris from last night’s rain or wind may impair your sight. Be sure wipers are in proper working condition and the blades are not worn down.

Tires: Needed to grip the road, and working hand-in-hand with brakes for safety, make sure the treads aren’t visibly worn. Poor car handling and/or steering can be especially hazardous on Halloween night.

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