Ghastly Sounds, Smells and Leaks: What’s Lurking Within Your Lexus

Published 9 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Ghastly sounds, smells and leaks...what’s lurking within your vehicle?

Ghastly sounds, smells and leaks...what’s lurking within your vehicle?
Photo Credit: Tim Caynes

From spooky noises in your engine to foul smells coming from the hood, know the scary signs that may be lurking within your Lexus.

Smells: Anything from burning oil or burning metal smells from the radiator can indicate an overheated engine. Serious engine damage can occur with frequent overheating, so make sure the devil, himself, isn’t hiding under your hood.

Burning smells (along with other symptoms) can also indicate transmission problems and/or failure, overheated brake pads, a worn clutch, and more. Food smells, like rotten eggs, may be your catalytic converter, and smells of maple syrup may mean your have a coolant leak.

If you notice any of these vile and bizarre smells, be sure to fly (and not on a broomstick) on over to your local Lexus service center to have it checked out.

Leaks: Oftentimes accompanied with smells, leaks are other problematic and dangerous signs your Lexus may be headed for the grave. Bubbling and oozing from underneath your car, radiator, transmission, fuel injection, coolant, oil, brake and other fluids, can lead to serious problems if they’re not taken care of promptly—like brake and transmission failure, and engine damage, overheating or dying on the side of the road.

Not all leaks are deadly, like windshield washer fluid, but it’s best to have an expert Lexus technician examine the type of fluid leaking for precise diagnosis.

Sounds: Forget what goes bump in the night…what’s going bump under the hood? Bone-rattling clunks, howling belts and screeching brakes can all be eerie sounds to hear coming from your Lexus.

Knocking noises can indicate a seized engine—a frightful mess you don’t want to deal with. Clunks can range from transmission problems to brake issues, and everything in between. A nightmare to deal with, but a necessity to fix.

High-pitched howling noises may be due to your timing belts, which can lead you stranded on the road if it snaps. And screeching brakes may mean it’s time for a brake job. Don’t hide under the covers if you hear any of these sounds, take your Lexus to your local Lexus repair shop!

So clear the cobwebs out of your nose, eyes and ears, and take note of what your Lexus may be telling you, then get to your local Lexus repair center for maintenance. They have the right potion, for any fix.

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