Lexus Service, Repair for the Fall Season

Published 9 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Get your vehicle ready for Autumn driving.

Get your vehicle ready for Autumn driving.
Photo Credit: Mark K.

Getting Your Lexus Ready for Autumn Driving

Goodbye to the warm, summer days and hello to the cooler temps ahead. Fall season is just around the corner. As the road conditions change, as do driving habits, it’s an excellent time to prepare your Lexus for the Autumn months ahead.

Lights: For visibility and safety reasons, be sure to have your local Lexus repair specialist check the headlights, taillights, parking lights, stop lights, fog lights, emergency lights and all other lights in your car, to make sure they are functioning properly. The days get shorter and the nights longer, so it’s quite imperative that your lights are in optimum condition.

Windshield Wipers: Rainy months lie ahead, as well as falling debris—leaves, make sure your windshield wipers are in proper working condition. The heat from the summer months may have worn wiper blades down, if so, they will need to be replaced, and your independent Lexus service center can do that for you.

Brakes: With wet roadways and fallen leaves on the streets, braking can be more difficult in the Fall months. If you haven’t had your brakes inspected yet this year, do so by an expert Lexus mechanic at your local Lexus repair facility.

Tires: Tires can lose a bit of pressure when the weather cools down. Have your independent Lexus technician inspect your tire’s treads to make sure they aren’t visibly worn and provide enough grip to the road so you don’t have any problem stopping on slick streets.

Defroster: Foggy windows limit visibility, which is a safety hazard. Have the vents and electrical wiring in your Lexus examined by a qualified Lexus mechanic to make sure they are functioning correctly, to avoid any problems with visibility while driving.

Battery: Keep your battery connections free of corrosion, dirt and grime. Your nearby Lexus maintenance center can help you with this, and can also check on the level of charge for your battery.

Your trusted Lexus mechanic can help you “Autumn-ize” your vehicle. If you don’t have an expert Lexus specialist, find one in your area today!