Better Driving Habits For Better Performance

Published 6 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Better driving habits lead to better performance for your Lexus.

Better driving habits lead to better performance for your Lexus.
Photo Credit: Wendell

We are all looking for better performance out of many things in life, from the latest technological gadgets to pushing ourselves during our workout routines, and we are even looking for our vehicles to go the extra mile. Better driving habits can help your Lexus to achieve its optimum performance. Here are a few tips on how to adapt better driving habits for improved vehicle performance (while putting less strain on the checkbook too!).

  • Keep tires inflated: Tires that are not inflated correctly aid in burning more gas and make the engine work harder. Improperly inflated tires also wear out faster. Proper inflation will keep the engine running smoother and have you purchasing new tires less.
  • Unclutter your car: things pile up, remove unnecessary items in your trunk and throughout your vehicle. Better mileage occurs when towing less weight.
  • Accelerate slowly: sudden accelerations will add wear and tear on the engine of your Lexus, transmission, and steering/suspension system. Quick accelerations also aid in guzzling gas and wears out your breaks quicker.
  • Avoid speeding: similarly to accelerating slowly, keep an eye on your speed. Speeding in excess uses up more gas, increases emissions and makes the engine work harder in your Lexus. Try using cruise control when you can.
  • Combine daily errands: Visit the grocery store, run to the bank, get your nails done all in one outing, instead of 3 different ones. A warmer engine runs more efficiently than a colder one in your vehicle.
  • Routine service: Catch things before they possibly become a problem. Have your local independent Lexus mechanic check your vehicle at the proper service intervals to make sure it is running efficiently. Don’t skip this!
  • By adhering to a few good practices, you are able to extend the life of your vehicle, while saving your wallet in the process.

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