Back to School Lexus Car Care Tips 101

Published 6 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Back to School Lexus Car Care Tips

Back to School Lexus Car Care Tips
Photo Credit: Michael Moore

Summer days are dwindling and school nights are just around the corner. Be sure your Lexus is head of the class and ready to hit the streets, whether for carpooling the kids to school, or heading back to campus for Fall Semester. Here are some back to school car care tips to keep in mind.

First Period - Routine Maintenance Mathematics: Your Lexus has certain mileage intervals in which consist of regular replacement, servicing and checks of both major and minor components of your Lexus (e.g. oil/filter changes, fluid replacement, belt inspections, diagnostic checks, etc.), to stop possible premature failures. To extend the life of your Lexus and to maintain its safety and reliability, it’s imperative to not neglect this. Since this differs from vehicle to vehicle, bring your import to an experienced Lexus service center to help you.

Second Period - Vehicle History: Simply put, know your vehicle’s history. Knowing when you last took it into the shop will help you stay on top of your repair schedule. Keeping a maintenance log is a great way to stay organized. Also, having some knowledge on your specific car model is helpful too—review the owner’s manual.

Third Period - Know Your Car’s Handling Science: Be aware of the working ways of your vehicle. Notice any noises (or smells). If something feels, sounds (or smells) different, or unfamiliar to you, take it to your local Lexus repair shop and let a qualified Lexus specialist take a look.

Fourth Period - Car Warning Signs Linguistics: That drunk looking robot head, or that genie oil can…what do those mean? Learn what the warning signs mean when they illuminate on your dashboard, and coast into an expert Lexus service shop to have it checked out. (FYI: drunk looking robot = vehicle charging system and genie in oil can = engine oil pressure).

Fifth Period - Preventative Maintenance Health: You don’t want your Lexus in the garage for a roadside breakdown (because you skipped Routine Maintenance Mathematics on Thursday), so preventative maintenance is key. This may include wheel alignment, battery checks, windshield wiper replacement, lights, etc. Also, keep a roadside emergency kit on hand.

Getting the kids to school on time, or getting to main campus before that 8:00 a.m. British Lit class starts can be stressful, but if you are prepared with a reliable vehicle (and a nearby, independent Lexus mechanic), you will be making the grade (with a side of extra credit).

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