Automotive 101: Lexus Repair Checklist Before Sending Your Student to College

Published 9 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Lexus repair checklist for college students.

Lexus repair checklist for college students.
Photo Credit: AdamL212

Before your undergrad hits the books in the campus library, gets involved with Greek life or tailgates for the big game, have these auto-related items checked by your local Lexus repair shop to ensure safety on the road prior to the start of Fall semester.

Engine: English 101 may be a breeze but breaking down on the side of the road due to engine trouble isn’t. Engine problems can range from engine overheating to jerky driving, and more, so have your local Lexus mechanic check the hoses, lines, clamps, temperature gauge and your water pump, to make sure everything is in prime operating condition.

Battery: All night cram session for Wednesday’s Midterm can cause headaches (and anxiety) for your college kid, and can be even worse when their Lexus doesn’t start and they’re late for their exam the next morning. Be sure to have your local Lexus technician check for corrosion, dirt and grime on the battery, as well as for any leaks.

Tires: Put the pedal to the metal (as your undergrad will while writing that essay on The Importance of Social Media in Today’s Marketplace) when it comes to taking your undergrad’s Lexus to the nearest Lexus service center for an examination of tires. Your Lexus mechanic will check and make sure there are no signs of wear, such as bulging and worn treads.

AC/Cooling Systems: 8:00 a.m. class on a Friday morning, no sweat…broken air-conditioner, major sweat! Have your Lexus mechanic check the AC and cooling system. A proper inspection of the AC line, filter and seal can help determine any AC-related problems. Also, an examination of air flow around the radiator, the radiator cap (for cracks) and coolant levels can determine if your cooling system is operating correctly.

Brakes: Unusual sounds (like ones that can be heard from the Student Center’s annual karaoke night) coming from your student’s Lexus, along with a hard pedal feel, vibrations and pulling to the left or right, can be signs of brake problems. To avoid this, have your brakes routinely checked by your local Lexus service center.

Fluids: Dormitory living has its ups and downs. When the flu hits your student’s floor, they’ll be forcing fluids to fight it off. Keep the fluids in their Lexus topped off by getting them checked at a local Lexus repair shop. Fluids to be checked include oil, power steering, brake and transmission.

By having these auto-related items checked for your child's Lexus before college starts, the only thing they’ll be worrying about this semester is gaining the Freshman 15 and what to wear to the party on Thursday night.

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