Automobile Enthusiast Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Published 8 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Automobile Enthusiast Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Automobile Enthusiast Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2016
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Don’t let cupid put you in a chokehold this year for Valentine’s Day by forgetting to get a gift. Kickstart your lover’s heart with these fun gifts for the car enthusiast.

“This is Motor Oil” Mug: Put a little love in your honey’s heart, or java in their tank, to get the day going with this ceramic mug. They’ll be sure to jumpstart any situation the day may bring.

Race Track Tickets: Groove is in the heart...or perhaps on the roadway. Indy 500 or Daytona 500 tickets ensure that you’ll cross the finish line and win your lover’s affection.

Chocolate Car Candy: Forget that heart shaped box full of candies when you can choose from a chocolate Benz, Lambo, Porsche and more! From Gayle’s Chocolates.

Satellite Radio: Listen to your heart…or just a subscription to SiriusXM with your main squeeze while rockin’ down the highway together.

Dream Car Driving Experience: Don’t hide your heart from your lover. This ultimate racetrack package allows you to drive your dream car at SpeedVegas (bonus: Sin City trip). This will be sure to have the adrenaline pumping and your sweetheart’s engine revving, even more than Paul Stanley in the late 70s.

Tell us in the comments below what your gift idea is for the car loving enthusiast.

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