What Are The Most Common Lexus Repairs to do in Spring?

Published 4 weeks ago — by Lisa Federico

Spring clean your vehicle with a seasonal tune-up.

Spring clean your Lexus with a seasonal tune-up
Photo Credit: Rachel Kramer

Driving down those dark wintery roads is a thing of the past, as brighter sunnier road trips lie ahead, springtime is here! Since the spring season evokes a sense of renewal and revitalization, it’s a good time to rejuvenate your ride. Thaw on out as we go over some of the most common Lexus repairs and issues that you may face during spring.

Tire Wear & Pressure Problems: Wear and tear from rough, icy roads in the winter may have caused tread depth and the overall condition of your tires to decline. Also tire pressure decreases in the cold and increases in the warmth. Don’t let the incorrect pressure affect your driving and handling.

Wheel Misalignment: Potholes and rough winter roads can lead to misalignment. Proper wheel alignment helps maintain steering control and tire longevity.

Wiper Blade Wear and Tear: Spring showers are inevitable, be sure the snowy/icy days of winter didn’t cause excessive wear and tear on your blades. Replace if necessary.

Brake Line Corrosion: Brake lines can corrode in the winter due to below freezing temps, this can reduce your brake system’s effectiveness and even cause complete brake failure.

Undercarriage Grime: Rust is bad and may happen if salt and debris accumulate and aren’t removed from your undercarriage.

Dirty Headlights/Taillights: If visibility is poor, it’s time to clean your headlights and taillights, or possibly replace them.

Air Filter Clogs: With tree and flower pollen (literally) down the road, replace all air filters to ensure proper engine performance and fuel efficiency during spring driving.

Poor Battery Connection: Cold winter temperatures can affect the battery's performance. Spring is a good time to clean your battery terminals and check the connection.

Discolored Fluid: The fluids in your Lexus should be transparent, they may have clouded up or be filled with debris from extreme weather conditions. Inspect all fluids- windshield washer, coolant, brake, power steering, automatic transmission, etc- and top off or flush if needed.

AC/Cooling System Neglect: Be proactive! No better time than now to get your A/C working before the summer heat kicks in. Look for signs of wear or leaks with the radiator, hoses and belts.

It’s pretty common to have a few minor repairs or issues come up after the harsh winter months, especially if you drive often or keep your ride outside in the elements. Your local Lexus repair shop can inspect, diagnose and repair anything of concern, and even perform a simple seasonal tune-up.

Just as you would spring clean your home, you can spring clean your Lexus too! Find a local, independent BMW repair shop with BMW mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.